One fine day

Hello I’m back. It took me awhile to come back mainly due an a electricity problem within the installation, finally solved. Well, as you seen I’ve been trying a new style in my works, it has not been so easy, but I have been learning lots. Specially about perspective, and Human Anatomy. What I can say, “Practicing is the only way to improve skills.” To make an sketch book is a great way to start. I really really recommend to watch the last two videos of FZDSCHOOL in youtube. It’s really helpful if you want to improve your sketching.
“One fine day” it’s an illustration about the joy of do something you like, learn new stuff.
It’s an illustration I enjoyed, it had many challenges and I guess in someway I solved.
Now I have to solve a bigger challenge, to get a job doing what I like the most. I’d wish to have confidence to say I’m going to make it, but during those years I lost my confidence. I just know I’m not going to surrender and keep doing my best. 🙂